Friday, November 11, 2005


So, Back to Wallace and Gromitt. It was an excellent film and I thought that the characters were very cute. Noelle:" I didn't know clay could be so cute." I know, I know, for such a long wait with the anticipation mounting as it has my critque was very anti-climatic but what are you going to do. I have begun to get busier as the days go by. I have a night job working as a Baker for Panera from 10pm until usually 7:30am. . . then classes. I don't do much of anything else except work and go to school with visits to see Noelle who makes everything worth it. Noelle and I are planning to get an apartment together in the summer. I can't wait. Ironically her grandmother, who is totally against us being gay but loves me. . . even though she won't admitt it, wants to buy us a bed to go into the apartment. I was talking to her on the last visit to see her, which was last weekend, while Noelle was in the shower she asked me if she could ask a personal question. I said sure no problem and she asked if we would be sleeping in the same bed. Up until this moment Noelle had decided that it be best not to say anything so we didn't but I wasn't going to lie to her and besides I am glad that she asked me instead of Noelle. So, anyway I replied with, a rhetorical yes very calmly. She then asked if a full sized bed would be okay. I replied wih, well we sleep in a twin bed now so that should be great. She laughed and when Noelle found out she was a little nervous and laughing. Me on the hand. . . well it would take Jesus coming back to get me moving. I told Noelle that with her grandmother if you act like everything is calm and normal then she will think everything is calm and normal. This proves to be true. People are like dogs. . . they can sense fear and such. heh. Update more later. Going to Carrabas with Devin