Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This just in

Okay, so I haven't been keeping up on this blog thing but here's an update. I was having car trouble on my old car so I fixed it and then traded it in for a chevy s-10. I will post pics later. Noelle and I celebrated our 8 month anniversary. We are still very happy together and everything is going well. I got a research job through the university that pays up to 900 a week depending on how many projects I do. That's good because I have started incvesting money into my future. I want to have security, stability and of course Noelle. I have been investing in rare metals and that is going well also. I am currently looking for another job because the research job is only for the school terms. I have an interview coming up with wachovia and hopefully I will get that. The most exicting thing, however, is that today is the premiere of The Curse of The Were Rabbit, a Wallace and Gromitt film and Noelle and I have tickets. Wallace and Gromitt is another Mcintire pass a long favorite. Tell you all about the movie on the next entry.