Thursday, September 22, 2005

Life: Continued

Here I am, sitting, waiting patiently with only a touch of ambivolence. The secretary who I had spoken to over the phone told me that she would give Dr. Genshaft that I had requested so there was no reason for me to be waiting for her. I retorted with what better way to convey a message then from the original source. She then contested saying that it's just dust and it really wasn't a top priority. I told her what I had found out and she looked confused. I left 45 minutes later because I had a class but let's just say I "verbalized" my opionin loud and clear. After that English and then a much needed Rugby practice. By the time I got out of English it was raining and I was in dress clothes. I stopped by the women's public restroom which is never a good thing for me. I always get the looks and the stares and the not so occasionaly question of if I belong there. I have gotten to the point now where I just cup my breast and tell them I am in transition. Yesterday, however, I wasn't in the mood so I just told them very politely that it was none of their fucking business. After my confrontation I walked to my car as rain began to pour on my clothes soaking me, making my shirt and pants stick to me as thought they had been glued. I walked to my car and drove to the theatre building where I had to meet my Electronic Music professor in the Sycom Lap. So from the car I ran to get to his office before he left. I had a duffle bag so that I could change after the meeting. My duffle bag broke as I was running and from that point I just stood there. I think I must have stood there for 5 minutes, like a child that had just been punished. I begrundgedly picked up the duffle bag and continued running. I got to his office to discover that he had only remember to bring one of the items out of the two I emailed him about. I was still greatful. I then went to Rugby practice which was almost canceled, not because of rain, but because a lot of people just decided they didn't want to show up until last minute. I practiced really hard and then in the end felt my hamstring pull and it hurt like hell. I was so angry I just kept running. After practice I was almost in tears, but it was worth it. I felt much lighter, that is until I got in the car. I turned the car on, heard a noise, turned the car back off, and realized that my thermostat was overheated so I needed water in the radiator. I did just that with my water bottle, walking on my hurt leg. I only did enough to get me home though. I talked for a bit and then out of nowhere Noelle shows up. I was so excited. In fact it's the only that has gone right yesterday and today. I followed her home this morning at 5:30 AM because I wanted to make sure she'd get home alright. Well I should say we went to bed around 2am but I couldn't sleep so here I am driving at 5:30am with no sleep. The car starts acting up again and on the interstate I pull over into a rest station, put more water in and keep going...I know I am not supposed to do that. I get to sarasota and it breaks down on a major road. From there this young cop and myself pushed the car into the carwash nearby. That's where I am now, sitting in the car wash in my pajamas typing this blog to help pass the time so that I can put water in the car and it actually accomplish something. So the moral of this story kids is 1: Always allow for traffic, 2: never wait to do anything and when you do don't do it half it full ass, and 3. When your car overheats wait until it cools down to put water in the radiator or else the water will boil and create steam which means your car will overheat again. One more thing...never underestimate life because just when you get comfortable and you think you've got it all figured out mother earth will let you know otherwise. Life is like a scrum, a lot of people grabbing you and pulling you different directions so that you can achieve one goal, to get the ball going. Okay, it's 9:02 and I've been here since 7:45am I think it's safe to put water in. I still haven't slept.


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